Secure Vault Storage for Rare Coins, Banknotes and Precious Metals

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Items valued at greater than $100 are stored free of charge and coins or precious metal shipped directly to the SBG Vault are exempt from sales tax.

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Elegant Dashboard

A beautiful dashboard that provides at-a-glance overview of key metrics and up-to-date pricing for coins, banknotes and precious metals stored in the SBG Vault.

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Peace of Mind

The SBG Vault is UL rated, residing in the center of a secure facility. Every item is fully insured by Stack's Bowers Galleries commercial all-risk insurance policy.

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Liquidity Options

Accesss the liquidity of your collection through Stack's Bowers Galleries auction, direct cash purchase or collateralized loan from SBG Vault partner Collateral Finance Corporation (CFC).

Why SBG Vault?

For nearly a century, Stack's Bowers Galleries has been committed to assisting our clients through all facets of their collecting journey and we are proud to offer secured storage solutions through the SBG Vault.

Many of our clients have expressed concern or anxiety related to the safe keeping of their rare coins, paper money and precious metals. The SBG Vault combines our decades of experience and know how with our operational scale and logistical expertise to provide our clients an unmatched solution for safe guarding their numismatic and precious metal properties while also offering numerous other benefits including detailed reporting, all risk insurance, low fees, and liquidity options.

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How it Works

Create or login to your Stack's Bowers Galleries account then visit our online portal. Enter the items you want to be securely stored and follow the simple steps.

Or call a friendly customer service representative at 949.748.4880.

Secure Vault
Step 1

Use the online form to submit items

Create or login to your Stack's Bowers Galleries account. Visit our online portal and enter the items you want to be securely stored.

Step 2

Ship your items, fully insured

Once approved, agree to the Storage Agreement and we will provide you with a pre-paid shipping label(s) and shipping instructions. Print out to label and ship your items to us fully insured.

Step 3

Confirmation & dashboard access

Our experts will verify your items, send you an email confirming receipt, and your customer dashboard will be updated to reflect the items added to your SBG Vault account.

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Simple and Transparent Pricing

Zero Withdrawal Fees when sold through Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

Storage Fees


*$10 intake fee for items less than $100

Additional fees may apply for international shipping, enhanced security, heavy, or irregularly-sized items.

Withdrawal Fees

Item Price Withdrawal fee
< $300 $15.00
$300.01 - $1000 5%
$1,000.01 - $2,500 4%
> $2,500 3%

• No withdrawal fees when sent to Stack’s Bowers Galleries Auction or sold to Stack’s Bowers Galleries.

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Accepted Items

CACG, NGC and PCGS® Graded U.S. Coins
Graded World Coins
Graded Medals and Exonumia
PMG Graded Currency
Graded Ancient Coins
Coming Soon
PCGS Banknote and PCGS Currency
Coming soon
Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion
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Other Collectibles
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The SBG Vault is a UL certified vault located within a secure storage facility for coins, paper money and precious metals. In addition to best-in-class secure storage, the SBG Vault provides opportunities for seamless selling through auction or directly to Stack's Bowers Galleries and instant access to liquidity through collateralized loans from SBG Vault partner Collateral Finance Corporation (CFC).

The SBG Vault provides enhanced security that goes beyond standard bank offerings. Additionally, each item stored in the SBG Vault undergoes individual inventorying, accompanied by a professional photograph, and is safeguarded by Stack's Bowers Galleries' comprehensive all-risk insurance policy. In contrast, items housed in bank safety deposit boxes often come with agreements where the renter "assumes all risks" or faces similar restrictive terms tucked away in the fine print. In essence, the SBG Vault not only offers heightened security and protection but also numerous additional benefits compared to traditional bank safety deposit boxes.

See The New York Times article "Safe Deposit Boxes Aren't Safe".

To enroll in the SBG Vault, you can use your Stack's Bowers Galleries account and follow the step-by-step instructions. Alternatively, you can contact a Stack's Bowers Galleries Client Services Associate at or (949) 748-4880 for assistance.

Yes, in person viewings of your property can be arranged. Additional charges may apply. Please contact a SBG Vault representative to make arrangements.

The declared value is our estimate of an item's value based on historical sales data, industry price guides and our proprietary pricing algorithm. This proprietary pricing algorithm is still in beta with updates made frequently to improve its accuracy, and there are instances where the declared value may be inaccurate. You may edit the declared value if you feel the suggested declared value is inaccurate or if a suggested declared value is unavailable.

Absolutely! Use your Vault mailing address as the shipping address for the third party and create a Vault submission through your account on our website once you have been given the tracking number from the third party so that we are aware of what should be in the submission. Your items will be processed directly into your Vault account once received.

The SBG Vault is located in Dallas, Texas.

Currently, the SBG Vault only accepts certified coins, paper money and precious metals.

All items in the SBG Vault are insured against loss, damage, and theft at no additional cost to the owner of the item(s) through Stack's Bowers Galleries commercial all risk insurance policy.

Yes, you can use your Stack's Bowers Galleries account and follow the step-by-step instructions to submit the items to the SBG Vault. Alternatively, you can contact a SBG Vault representative at or (949) 503-6227 for assistance.

Items are shipped depending on value and destination through USPS, UPS, or FedEx or via a secured shipping provider like Brinks or Malca Amit.

To withdraw a item from the SBG vault, login to your SBG Vault account and select "Request withdrawal" on the item.